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Our Process

  • Borrower
  • Funder/Closer
  • Processor
  • Research Processor
  • Underwriter
  • Important Process Step
  1. BPLA

    Business Purpose Loan Application. is either denied, additional info requested, or pre-approved

  2. Pre-Approval Letter

    (after B.P.L.A. info is received) ​Pre-Approval Letter includes: submission checklist, pre-approval, and secure access to portal for Borrower/Broker

  3. Portal Log-In

    Borrower reviews submission instructions and downloads ACRA documents from portal; then Borrower uploads completed documents into portal

  4. Phase 1

    Processor initiates Loan Set-Up and requests Borrower's background and credit

  5. Processor Review

    Processor reviews Borrower's bank statements, rehab budget, background, credit & entity documents, and completes vetting

  6. Processor

    Processor orders Appraisal & Title is initiated

  7. Waiting on Appraisal

    Appraisals take 5-10 business days. Outstanding conditions are being ​collected and analyzed. All documents need to be submitted prior to appraisal completion

  8. Appraisal Review

    Processor reviews Appraisal and sends to third-party review (TPR)

  9. Phase 2

    Appraisal & Title complete; Processor uploads all documents to portal

  10. Processor Final Review

    Processor ensures all documents have been reviewed per guidelines and moves file to “Right-Hand” side of portal

  11. Underwriter Review

    Underwriter reviews file within 24 hours; Underwriter either sends file back to Processing with conditions to be met by Borrower or approves file

  12. Approval

    Management alerts Funding/Closing and Servicing that file is approved; commitment letter sent

  13. Closing

    Funder/Closer ensures contact with counterparty and drafts closing documents

  14. File Sent to Servicing

    Funder/Closer sends draw schedule and client information to Servicing; servicing instructions sent to Borrowers

  15. Commitment Letter Executed

    Borrower returns executed commitment letter to ensure terms before funding Borrower

  16. Funding

    Funder/Closer ensures delivery of funds and post-closing document collection